The Musick for the Royal Fireworks HWV 351.
Concerti HWV 335a & 335b

Facsimile of the autograph score in the British Library (Manuscript R. M. 20.g.7). Introduction and Commentary by Christopher Hogwood. Bilingual edition in English and German. Documenta musicologica II, Volume 32 (2004). 96 pages; hardbound ISBN 978-3-7618-1666-0

This bilingual edition is rounded off with a contemporary account of the fireworks, décor and rockets employed, thereby conveying something of the majesty and magnificence of the occasion. It is also illustrated with various engravings showing the extravagant sets for the fireworks display. The renowned conductor and musicologist Christopher Hogwood has supplied an introduction in which he draws attention to two concertos related to the Fireworks Music:
HWV 335a for trumpet and horns, and
HWV 335b for horns and organ.
These, too, are reproduced in facsimile.

Crudel tiranno Amor
Cantata con stromenti. Version for voice and keyboard instrument HWV 97b.
Facsimile and transcription of the autograph score, Mus.ms. 4468, fols. 49r–54v, preserved in the Bavarian State Library Munich.
Facsimile and First Edition. Edited by Berthold Over and the Bavarian State Library Munich in collaboration with the editorial staff of the Halle Handel Edition. Facsimile edition and first edition in modern notation with enclosed vocal part. Documenta musicologica II, Volume 34. 32 pages and 8 pages insert; hardbound
ISBN 978-3-7618-1915-9

The sensational discovery was made in 2004 by the musicologist Berthold Over, who identified the anonymous manuscript of the Italian solo cantata Crudel tiranno Amor as a work by Handel in his own hand (HWV 97).

Facsimile of the autograph score in the British Library. Edited by Donald Burrows. approx. 340 pages, 282 pages facsimile. Preface and Commentary in English, German and Japanese
ISBN 978-3-7618-2109-1
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