Halle Handel Edition · Complete Critical Edition

Published by the George Frideric Handel Society

The ›Halle Handel Edition‹ is a complete critical edition which serves the needs of scholars and performers by drawing on all available sources and the latest musicological findings. Within each volume the works are presented, wherever possible, in chronological order and the numbering of the works follows the Händel-Werke-Verzeichnis (HWV). In addition to complete works, the series also includes alternative versions, discarded sections, drafts and fragments.

Editions of vocal works contain literal German and, if necessary, English translations of the text. Since 1991 the volumes in Series I and II have also included, in facsimile, the libretto printed for the first performance. Key examples from the source material appear inside the volumes, reproduced in facsimile. The critical report (English or German) is generally incorporated within the relevant volume, or published separately in the case of a few large-scale works. General Editors of the Halle Handel Edition: Terence Best, Wolfgang Hirschmann

International Board of Editors: Graydon Beeks, Donald Burrows, Siegfried Flesch (=), Hans Dieter Clausen, Hans Joachim Marx, John H. Roberts Editorial Office: Stephan Blaut, Annette Landgraf, Michael Pacholke

The edition will be published in approximately 128 volumes divided into the following series: I. Oratorios and Large Cantatas 32 volumes II. Operas 41 volumes III. Church Music 14 volumes IV. Instrumental Music 19 volumes V. Shorter Vocal Works 7 volumes Supplement c. 6 volumes Handel Handbook 5 volumes

Preface in German and English, except volumes which were published before 1992, where it is only in German; Critical Report in German or English. 1955–, 5 series, approx. 128 volumes. Format: 25.5 x 32.5 cm, cloth bound. Parts for chamber music: 25.5 x 32.5 cm, paperback. Critical reports, if separately published: 17 x 24 cm, paperback.

The ›Halle Handel Edition‹ is scheduled for completion in 2023. Available on subscription.